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Anne and Rousey

Anne and Rousey

September 20, 2018

Rousey came to BDB with insecurity-driven dog aggression, severe leash reactivity, and general over-excitement. So we fulfilled her mental and physical needs, built her confidence, and gave her a clear picture of our expectations when socializing. We also relieved her stress by becoming a proper leader for her – thus...

Tori and Mia

Tori and Mia

September 06, 2018

Mia came to us with dog aggression stemming from insecurity and a lack of direction from her human. We rehabbed Mia through our behavioral basics program and socialized her using a safe and slow process that allowed her to view dogs in a new light. Mia’s turnaround was nothing short...

Cyndi and Tux

Cyndi and Tux

December 27, 2017

Cyndi and Tux came to us because a 120+ lbs dog in an extreme state of excitement and anxiety is not a pleasurable experience for anyone involved. Watch their story to see how behavioral training, human education and ongoing maintenance through structured boarding and day camp helped resolve their issues...

The Kellers and Bodhi

The Kellers and Bodhi

December 22, 2017

Elizabeth and Chris needed boarding for their new puppy when they first found Bevill Dog Behavior. Listen to their story to learn more about how our structured, calm environment compares to the typical boarding and daycare facility.

Katy and Cowboy

Katy and Cowboy

December 14, 2017

What do you do when your dog is getting on TOP of your stove, turning it on, and burning their butt?!? You call Bevill Dog Behavior! Katy and Cowboy were struggling due to Cowboy’s extreme anxiety issues. Once we were able to teach Cowboy how to live in a calmer...

The Watkins Family and Addy

The Watkins Family and Addy

December 05, 2017

The Watkins family called us because their new puppy, Addy, was making life a bit more stressful than they had hoped. Addy was stealing the kid’s food (off of their plates!), stealing their toys, crashing the front door when guests arrived, and peeing anytime she got overstimulated/excited. After a single...


BDB Raised Bed


BDB's Raised Dog Bed gives your dog not only a great place to rest, but the help needed to focus on a job (relaxing) even with distractions. We use these beds for training every single day. Because the raised bed creates very defined boundaries, it makes it much easier for the dog to know what we're asking (stay on the bed and relax).

We also love them because the fabric is breathable - making them much cooler and more comfortable than a regular dog bed. After a long walk, your dog will be happy to lay on the BDB Raised Bed instead of the tile or wood floor. It features a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame and a durable, PVC-coated fabric sleeping surface made to last. The tight, breathable fabric provides an added level of comfort and support that also keeps your dog cool and won't sag after extended use.

Get one for each room that you use the most so you don't have to carry it around the house. These beds are ideal for use indoors or outdoors. They are easy to assemble and easy to clean. Give your dog the bed she deserves!

   SMALL: 35.7” L x 21.8” W x 7.75” H
   MEDIUM: 43.4” L x 25.8” W x 7.75” H
51.6" L x 31.8" W x 7.75" H
* WEIGHT:  8.36 pounds
* BED FEATURE:  Water-resistant, Outdoor, Machine-washable
* COVER MATERIAL:  Polyester
* BED TYPE:  Elevated
* LIFESTAGE:  Puppy, Adult



Welcome to the world of Delta-8. These products have been created to allow for a softer approach to THC and cannabis medicine. These products offer a true therapeutic approach to the cannabis plant, gentler in many ways, and recommended for your pets.

Relax is a Delta-8 Indica tincture product that helps the body and mind relax.The softer feel of this medicine is a nice way to ease into a deeper sleep. Relax will help your pet with:

  • Anxiety/Stress Reduction
  • Overall Relaxation
  • Lower Intensity of Extreme Behaviors
  • Improved Sleep
  • Appetite Stimulation

CBD (Calm. Balanced. Dog)


Welcome to the world of Delta-8. These products have been created to allow for a softer approach to THC and cannabis medicine. These products offer a true therapeutic approach to the cannabis plant, gentler in many ways, and recommended for your pets.

CBD (Calm. Balanced. Dog.) is a CBD/Sativa (2:1) tincture product that gives the full benefits of CBD with a light boost from the Sativa. This product will help your pet with:

  • Pain Inflammation
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Improved Sleep
  • Seizure Management
  • Appetite Stimulation
  • Digestive Health
  • Skin/Coat Health
  • Overall Wellness and Immune Support

BDB Slip Lead Leash (3/8'')


Our soft, durable, and easy-to-use figure 8 slip lead is the perfect tool to gently but clearly communicate with any dog. Tired of your leather "stopper" either stretching out and not working or being so tight that you can't move it? Our easy-to-use, adjustable slide keeps the loop from slipping down your dog's neck, yet releases slightly when the leash is in the relaxed position. The BDB Leash comes with a back-up or "safety clip" that can be attached to your dog’s collar when you're using the leash in the "Figure-8."

We use the figure 8 slip lead every single day in our training sessions, pack walks, and treadmill sessions. Not only are these leads helpful in ensuring your dog doesn't stray, but the slip leash also provides unparalleled comfort for your dog. As the name implies, the figure 8 slip lead slips over your dog’s head and rests comfortably on the shoulders. Unlike other leads, our slip leash doesn’t pitch or cinch providing your dog ultimate comfort and peace of mind. The BDB Slip Leashes are workhorses that are made to last and are a must have for any dog owner.