Why have a dog if you can’t do life with them? We believe that dogs are family members and should be able to join us on life’s adventures. The better your relationship, the more educated you are, and the more well-behaved your dog is, the bigger the life you can have together. Let’s do #lifewithdogs!

At BDB we do things differently. We provide experiences and memories for our clients that they may not be able to create on their own. Thus our series of “BDB Experiences”.

Our experiences are donation based and by invite only. 

Bevill Dog Behavior (BDB) came into existence in 2013 when owner/founder, Brad Bevill, decided helping dog owners and their dogs was his life’s purpose and what brings him joy. 

In January of 2017 (after an 18-year corporate career in marketing and advertising), Brad made BDB his full-time focus and quickly grew the company and built a team of talented dog behavior specialists. 

From day one, our goal has been to educate as many dog parents as possible while helping dogs achieve the balanced life they want and need.

As the business continued to grow, Brad quickly realized that a single location in Dallas wasn’t convenient for his Fort Worth clients. So in August of 2017 Brad opened a Fort Worth location. And in March of 2019 the Rockwall location was added. 


These experiences take place at the BDB Experience Center in Dallas. These experiences are meant to expose your dog to new environments with new people, dogs, and distractions. They are also meant to give you (the dog parent) an opportunity to socialize with like-minded dog parents and a chance to do something fun with your dog. Examples of these experiences are:

Dinner with Dogs
 Movie Night with Dogs
• Music Night with Dogs
• Meditation with Dogs
• Yoga with Dogs
• Happy Hour with Dogs
• Hot Dogs with Chill Dogs
• Bevill Dog Park Night
• Tacos and Margs with Dogs

We also want to create “real world” experiences for our clients. These experiences take place outside of the BDB Experience Center and in the real-world. This gives us a greater opportunity to work on real-life distractions and continue prepping your dog for the big life we know they deserve. Examples of these experiences are:

Pack Walks
Patio with Dogs
Parks & Trails with Dogs
• Fireworks with Dogs
Shopping with Dogs



The Watkins Family and Addy


Katy and Cowboy


The Kellers and Bodhi


Cindy and Tux