What if you could fully experience life with your dog?


Bevill Dog Behavior is a human education and dog behavior company that helps create happy memories for our clients with their dogs. We believe that doing things together is more fun. Open up your dog’s world and experience life with them by truly understanding dog psychology and dog behavior. #lifewithdogs

E-Books / Online Course

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E-Book: The Walk


Your hands-on guide to building a better relationship with your dog via THE WALK.

Mastering the walk takes time and practice, the results won't be instantaneous. However, rest assured - when you implement the concepts and techniques taught in this e-book, your walks will vastly improve.

Sit. Stay. Breathe. Online Course


Join acclaimed dog behaviorist expert Brad Bevill (Bevill Dog Behavior) and renowned author and meditation teacher Miguel Chen (Dallas Meditation Center, Blossom Yoga) for a course where the dog’s wellbeing is equally important to the human’s. This is a course where humans and dogs help each other be well in body, mind, and heart.

Our Philosophy

Dog Behavior School Instructors With Dogs | Bevill Dog BehaviorWe are relationship-based, dog behaviorists. We don’t deliver robot dogs – we deliver balanced dogs.

When Brad Bevill started BDB in 2013, he did so because he firmly believes in Mother Nature’s laws and found that following those laws simply makes dogs happy. There are no secrets. Honoring and fulfilling a dog as a dog is how we achieve the results we achieve.

If you have a dog, they are learning from you - always. The question is – what are you teaching them? The environment you create and the relationship you build with your dog dictates how your dog behaves.

When you join the BDB Family, you aren’t simply buying our “training”. You are buying into life change and we want our clients to use the entire ecosystem because we know it delivers incredible results.

  • Behavioral Training
  • Structured Boarding
  • BDB Experiences
  • Shadow Program
  • Dog Behavior Workshops
  • Educational Content

      This ecosystem is designed to educate humans, rehabilitate dogs, and rebuild relationships.

      “Trust. Loyalty. Respect.” is our tagline and our mantra. It tells our clients what to expect not only from their dog – but from all BDB employees."

      So how do we get the results we get? See our methodology below!

      Our Methodology

      Dog Behavior School Instructors With Dogs | Bevill Dog Behavior


      We teach dogs to live in a calm, connected, follower state of mind. And we teach our human clients how to build a truly loving relationship that puts the dog’s needs first!

      But how?

      We help our clients understand the 3 energy states that are necessary when working with dogs. We then teach our clients how to effectively communicate with their dog in a clear, consistent, and fair way. Next, we show our clients how to create comfort for their dog via order, safety, and peace. And last, we teach our clients how to truly fulfill a dog’s body, mind, and heart.

      Those are the ingredients for any loving relationship.

      There are also the more mechanical pieces of our methodology. All board and train dogs go home: walking on a loose leash next to their human, crate trained, treadmill trained, having socialized with hundreds of dogs, potty trained, highly improved in-home & public behavior, and of course, we address the specific issues each client is having with their dog.

      However, we believe the real difference in our methodology is how much time we spend educating our human clients once their dogs have completed rehabilitation.

      Don’t wait! Let us help you and your dog find contentment and balance today!

      Our Products

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      BDB Slip Lead Leash (3/8'')


      Our soft, durable, and easy-to-use figure 8 slip lead is the perfect tool to gently but clearly communicate with any dog. Tired of your leather "stopper" either stretching out and not working or being so tight that you can't move it? Our easy-to-use, adjustable slide keeps the loop from slipping down your dog's neck, yet releases slightly when the leash is in the relaxed position. The BDB Leash comes with a back-up or "safety clip" that can be attached to your dog’s collar when you're using the leash in the "Figure-8."

      We use the figure 8 slip lead every single day in our training sessions, pack walks, and treadmill sessions. Not only are these leads helpful in ensuring your dog doesn't stray, but the slip leash also provides unparalleled comfort for your dog. As the name implies, the figure 8 slip lead slips over your dog’s head and rests comfortably on the shoulders. Unlike other leads, our slip leash doesn’t pitch or cinch providing your dog ultimate comfort and peace of mind. The BDB Slip Leashes are workhorses that are made to last and are a must have for any dog owner.

      BDB Raised Bed


      BDB's Raised Dog Bed gives your dog not only a great place to rest, but the help needed to focus on a job (relaxing) even with distractions. We use these beds for training every single day. Because the raised bed creates very defined boundaries, it makes it much easier for the dog to know what we're asking (stay on the bed and relax).

      We also love them because the fabric is breathable - making them much cooler and more comfortable than a regular dog bed. After a long walk, your dog will be happy to lay on the BDB Raised Bed instead of the tile or wood floor. It features a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame and a durable, PVC-coated fabric sleeping surface made to last. The tight, breathable fabric provides an added level of comfort and support that also keeps your dog cool and won't sag after extended use.

      Get one for each room that you use the most so you don't have to carry it around the house. These beds are ideal for use indoors or outdoors. They are easy to assemble and easy to clean. Give your dog the bed she deserves!

         SMALL: 35.7” L x 21.8” W x 7.75” H
         MEDIUM: 43.4” L x 25.8” W x 7.75” H
      51.6" L x 31.8" W x 7.75" H
      * WEIGHT:  8.36 pounds
      * BED FEATURE:  Water-resistant, Outdoor, Machine-washable
      * COVER MATERIAL:  Polyester
      * FILL & FRAME MATERIAL:  Metal
      * BED TYPE:  Elevated
      * LIFESTAGE:  Puppy, Adult
      * TOOLS INCLUDED:  Yes

      BDB Triple Threat Pad


      BDB's Triple Threat Pad is a triple threat! They are perfect to use as crate pads, raised bed pads, or as "place" when you're on patios, at a park, in the car, or anywhere else you may travel. We use these during training every single day. We also use them on patios with our personal and client dogs. They are a fantastic tool that gives your dog permission to relax when in a new public space.

      The BDB Triple Threat Pads are handmade in the USA by our very own Mari Forssell and are plush - made of high quality and stylish fabrics. They are easy to clean, machine washable, are designed to fit the BDB Raised Beds, and they fold up nicely for easy transport.

      Let your dog rest comfortably and in style on your favorite patio!

         SMALL: 28”x 21.5"
         MEDIUM: 35.5" x 25.5"
         LARGE: 43.5" x 32.5"

      Namaste home with my human tonight Dog Hoodie


      Your dog's new favorite hoodie is right here. It's made with black, machine washable cotton blend and comes in many sizes to ensure a great fit for your pup. Grab yourself a matching t-shirt, a coffee cup and a tote bag.

      Please measure your dog carefully to choose the correct size from the size chart before ordering as we are only able to accept returns on unworn hoodies.



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