What would life be like with a calm dog that was looking to you for direction? What if you could walk your dog on a loose leash, even when passing other dogs? What if your dog remained calm when guests arrived? What if your dog could socialize with other dogs and enjoy it? All of these scenarios can become a reality with the proper training, human education, and follow-through. 

Bevill Dog Behavior (BDB) has built an ecosystem featuring behavioral training, structured boarding, structured daycaregroup classes, structured grooming, our shadow program, dog behavior workshops, and online educational content. This ecosystem is designed to educate humans, train dogs, and rebuild relationships. Life-altering changes are the norm when taking advantage of the full BDB offering. Find out more about our ecosystem by clicking on the services listed below.


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Behavioral Training

From private consultations to multi-week board and train programs, we will help you find the right training solution.

Structured Boarding

Your dog will enjoy calm, safe socialization, pack walks, structured exercise, and lots of belly rubs.

Stuctured Daycare

Let your dog experience a fun and structured day featuring pack walks and calm socialization.

Group Classes

Group Classes are a great opportunity for you to continue building a solid relationship with your dog and to get direct access to the BDB trainers.

Structured Grooming

At BDB we take the time to ensure your dog not only gets groomed but also learns to relax during the process.

Shadow Program

From Dog Behavior to Business 101 - Learn How BDB Was Built.


Our workshops have helped rescue groups, fosters, boarding facilities, and dog owners.


Bevill Dog Rescue’s mission is to educate humans while responsibly placing well-behaved dogs into qualified homes. Coming soon.



Tori and Mia


The Kellers and Bodhi


Katy and Cowboy


Cindy and Tux