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BDB Triple Threat Pad


BDB's Triple Threat Pad is a triple threat! They are perfect to use as crate pads, raised bed pads, or as "place" when you're on patios, at a park, in the car, or anywhere else you may travel. We use these during training every single day. We also use them on patios with our personal and client dogs. They are a fantastic tool that gives your dog permission to relax when in a new public space.

The BDB Triple Threat Pads are handmade in the USA by our very own Mari Forssell and are plush - made of high quality and stylish fabrics. They are easy to clean, machine washable, are designed to fit the BDB Raised Beds, and they fold up nicely for easy transport.

Let your dog rest comfortably and in style on your favorite patio!

   SMALL: 28”x 21.5"
   MEDIUM: 35.5" x 25.5"
   LARGE: 43.5" x 32.5"