We train dogs to live in a calm, connected, follower state of mind.  

Our certified dog behaviorists modify problem behaviors and educate humans on how to maintain a harmonious relationship. Through species-specific fulfillment, calm, confident leadership, and clear, consistent communication, we’re able to offer dog behavior solutions that work.

“Trust. Loyalty. Respect.” is our tagline and our mantra. It tells our clients what to expect not only from their dog – but from all BDB employees. 

We are passionate about facilitating true transformation in both dogs and humans – creating an unbreakable bond between our clients and their family pets. This shows in our results, as we educate owners, and create the change that’s needed for long-lasting behavior modification. 

A happy, positive relationship with our dogs is what we all crave, and we’re here to show you how to achieve it.

Let us help you and your dog find contentment and balance!