Our Philosophy

Dog Behavior School Instructors With Dogs | Bevill Dog BehaviorWe are relationship-based, behavioral trainers. We don’t deliver robot dogs – we deliver balanced dogs.

It’s up to us as dog owners to create an environment that allows our dogs to thrive, but sometimes we need help to understand what this environment looks like and how to implement it.

This is where a dog behaviorist comes in, helping you to learn the skills you need to improve your dog’s behavior.

If you have a dog, you are training it. The question is – what are you teaching it? How you live with your dog dictates how your dog lives with you.

When you join the BDB Family, you aren’t buying our “training” (training is only a small part of the journey). You are buying into life change and we want our clients to use the entire ecosystem because we know it delivers incredible results.

A dog behaviorist isn’t there just to interact with a dog for a few hours and change its behavior. It’s there to create lasting change by showing dog owners how to become their own dog behavior specialists.

We believe heavily in the ecosystem we have built, featuring: 

  • Behavioral Training
  • Structured Boarding
  • Structured Daycare
  • Group Classes
  • Structured Grooming
  • Our Shadow Program
  • Dog Behavior Workshops
  • Online Educational Content

      This ecosystem is designed to educate humans, train dogs, and rebuild relationships.

      So how do we get the results we get?