Stuffing and Cape in Laramie, Wyoming

/Stuffing and Cape in Laramie, Wyoming

Stuffing and Cape in Laramie, Wyoming


We had the pleasure of flying up to Laramie, Wyoming for four days to help Miguel and Lily Chen with their two dogs, Stuffing and Cape. It was a crash course to address: over-excitement, leash reactivity, incessant barking, crate training, anxiety, and to put in place daily structure that will fulfill the dogs, give the owners their lives back, and create peace before their new baby girl was born. View the video above of the results.

We think Miguel did a great job of summarizing the experience. Here’s what he said:

“I gotta give the hugest shout out to our friend Brad at Bevill Dog Behavior. He flew in for the weekend to hang out and work with our two dogs. Stuffing and Cape have always been super sweet boys, but they definitely had their issues. Among the biggest were hyperactivity and barking. If anyone would come over they’d go crazy for a few minutes and jump on guests laps. If we went on a walk and they saw another dog or anything of interest they’d go nuts. Stuffing would get such bad anxiety it would often take the better part of an hour to chill him out. It broke my heart but it was often easier to leave them at home than to bring them with us on walks. The barking was of particular concern because they would constantly wake us up at night freaking out at every tiny noise. With a baby coming in August we knew that wouldn’t fly. We needed to find a way for our boys, who we love so deeply, to calm down and be manageable before the baby arrives.

Brad, well, it was nothing short of a miracle what he accomplished with our boys and with us in just a few short days. My dogs have never been more calm and well behaved. They look to mom and dad for guidance before reacting to every little distraction. They are barking 95% less than ever and walks have actually become a really pleasant thing for the family to to do together. Stuffing goes on bike rides with me. Both dogs learned to walk alongside our stroller for practice and Cape even rode in the bottom basket after a long walk.

I feel like crying. I know we still have work to do, but the transformation has already been incredible. This is the most harmonious relationship I’ve ever had with my dogs and I know they’re going to be so calm and loving with our baby. I am filled with deep gratitude.”

Thank you Miguel and Lily for the opportunity and we hope your new baby girl enjoys calmer, more relaxed dogs!