BDB In the News: Voyage Dallas Article!

/BDB In the News: Voyage Dallas Article!

BDB In the News: Voyage Dallas Article!


Today we’d like to introduce you to Brad Bevill.

In 1985 while riding his bike around an Irving, TX neighborhood a 9-year-old boy found a box of spaniel puppies, brought home his first dog, and the rest, as they say, is history. Every dog that entered the Bevill home from that day forward was led through the backdoor by Brad. Loving dogs is one thing – and Brad does have a deep love for all dogs – but communicating with and leading dogs is another story. Brad learned that lesson at an early age while working on his uncle’s ranch in northern Oklahoma. Watching cattle dogs work was a new experience and opened his eyes to the organic bond that exists between humans and dogs. The willingness dogs have to communicate with us, their desire to fulfill our requests, and their ability to read us and understand our emotions, energy, body language, and commands was so apparent out in the country where dogs still had real jobs. That experience on the ranch changed Brad’s life forever. In 1992, Brad started training the family dogs for the first time and fell in love with a new language –the common, unspoken language between humans and dogs.

As a college athlete who studied Exercise Physiology and eventually became a personal trainer (for a short time after college), Brad has always had a deep desire to help transform people’s lives. As a Personal Trainer, the client’s transformation was physical but there was something more – the transformation almost always became psychological/emotional as well.

While in college, Brad became fascinated with human psychology and sociology. Understanding how the human mind and ego work along with how humans behave socially was something he found more than just interesting – observing and analyzing human behavior became a passion and he believes is one of the keys to his success in his corporate career. After more than 18 years in the marketing/advertising industry, building and leading teams and working with some of the biggest brands in the world, Brad credits his corporate success to his ability to read and understand human behavior, body language, psychology, and the intangible knack for finding what makes individuals “tick”.

This enthusiasm for human behavior/psychology coupled with his passion for transforming lives as a personal trainer is the same enthusiasm and passion that makes Brad one of the hardest working and most dedicated dog behaviorists in the country. As Brad says, “One day it just all made sense. I knew during my entire 18-year career that I wanted to leave Corporate America. I felt such a strong burning inside – I needed to do something more tangible with my life and something that changed other people’s lives. When the dog behavior business hit me, I almost felt dumb. It was just so obvious. Being able to go to work and use my behavioral study knowledge plus animal and human psychology while transforming lives is a dream come true. Dog Behavior allows me to do all of it. And I love it every single day.”

Dogs are much more honest than humans. Dogs don’t try to protect their egos. Dogs also only live in the “now” with no regard for the past and no stress about the future. What you see is what you get and they want to live in a balanced, calm state. All we have to do is lead them there. With humans, you often need to spend significant time and energy getting them to open up and be honest. You have to listen to what they’re not telling you. Dogs on the other hand are honest from the very moment you meet them. With that said, one of the elements I do truly love about the dog behavior field is the human relationship aspect. In most cases I’m training the human. not the dog. I love that. I love working with people and opening their minds to what dogs really need in order to be fulfilled. I love seeing and facilitating transformation as much now as I did as a personal trainer.”

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It’s been fairly smooth since I’ve been planning and working towards this goal for more than four years. I was able to use vacation time to travel and study under some of the best dog behaviorists/trainers in the country. I was able to invest personal funds into building a facility at my home that caters to all of my needs. And I was able to build a small client base by working evenings and weekends while I was still in my corporate job. So, I don’t know that it could have gone any smoother. I will say; however, I have a ton to learn and a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal. I know there are rough patches in front of me. Life is not all puppy dogs and rainbows – I guess in my case it actually is all puppy dogs, but maybe without the rainbows. ?

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Bevill Dog Behavior – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
We modify our client’s dog’s unwanted behaviors and train the owners how to create a balanced home through calm, confident leadership and clear, consistent communication with their dog.

We specialize in behavior. We believe that a well-“trained” dog can be “obedient” while in an unbalanced state of mind. But a well-“behaved” dog is calm and balanced in all situations and requires less management and fewer commands. We believe a dog’s behavior shouldn’t be a “performance”, but rather a state of mind.

So, we don’t use a ton of treats and verbal commands. We tap into dog’s instincts for communication and we simply fulfill the dogs in a way that creates a “calm, follower state of mind”. When a dog is in that state of mind, they are just “being” rather than “performing” a trained response.

I’m most proud of our results and the happiness we bring our clients. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how we not only changed the dog, but the impact the balanced dog has on the family. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world. We’ve taken in and turned around aggressive dogs, severely anxious dogs, fearful dogs, hyperactive dogs, possessive dogs – and the list goes on – while also training and empowering their humans.

What sets us apart is twofold: First – our results and techniques speak for themselves. But we don’t deliver “trained dogs”, we deliver “balanced dogs”. Someone I highly respect in this business, Todd Langston, says – “I can teach your dog to follow its leader, but I can’t teach it to not need one.” And that’s what we do. Second, our facility and the care the dogs receive while in our facility is second to none. We’ve worked hard to create a “home environment” for the dogs with the amenities of a large dog training/boarding facility. The dogs enjoy a top-notch facility including a very large outdoor socialization area, an indoor socialization area (for inclement weather), treadmills (for inclement weather), a doggie pool, all synthetic turf training area – and they still have the “home environment” needed to work on behaviors that happen inside our client’s homes.

Bevill Dog Behavior exists to help facilitate better relationships between humans and dogs. Our goal is to give humans the knowledge and tools needed to fulfill their dog in a way that creates a stress-free and rewarding relationship. We also strive to help dogs better understand how to live in the modern world we, humans, have created.

We believe the world is better with dogs by our side. We believe humans have a responsibility to fulfill dog’s needs first since we brought them into our lives. We believe treating a dog “as a dog” is a beautiful thing – not a negative one.

We believe dogs live in the moment and are eager to let go of past, negative experiences – ready to return to their natural, balanced state of being. And we believe that dogs will only follow, trust, respect, and be loyal to calm, confident, and consistent leaders.

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