BDB In the News: He Said Article!

/BDB In the News: He Said Article!

BDB In the News: He Said Article!


What would the world be without sassy bitches?

We could definitely do without most of the human ones, but we’ll take each and every canine that comes our way. And right now, we’re on Bitch #5 as a couple.

We rescued our latest furry bundle of joy earlier this year and, well, she turned out to be a bit larger than we expected. So we knew right away we needed to get her some proper training to keep her from taking over the household Planet of the Apes style.

We took suggestions from several people for board-and-train facilities, but our good friends over at Barking Hound Village suggested a small home-based operation called Bevill Dog Behavior.

And damn if we don’t wish we’d known Brad Bevill and his team way back when we rescued our first dog.

Now one-year-old, Edina (pictured at top) is a purebred Northern Hemisphere Notsurewhat. Though super gentle and lovable, she needed to learn some manners.

It all started with a behavioral consultation, which cost us $75. During that session, Brad or one of his trainers determines whether a dog can succeed after boot camp. Fortunately for us (and our wallets) Eddie only needed a six-day camp. The price also includes a two-hour in-home followup session so the trainers can see how your dog behaves in the real world.

The results were nothing short of amazing (see Eddie’s show-off reel at end of story for proof).

We learned several things, too. Bevill Dog Behavior offers behavioral training, which gets into the dog’s mind to train it the way it instinctively understands versus obedience training, which is simply learning commands and not as effective. Obedience offers a great foundation, but behavioral training dramatically increases the bond between human and pooch.

So if you or anyone you know have a dog with any kind of behavioral issues, big or small, we’re confident Brad and his team can work miracles. You have to be ready to follow up and reinforce the training, but wow, you’ll have an amazing, calm, genuinely happy dog in the end.

And who doesn’t love a happy Edina, sweetie darling?